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Singing Style vs Singing Technique

In my previous weekly video I compared Singing Technique vs Singing Genre. Inside this video I’ll compare Singing Style vs Singing Technique and why, as a singer and a student of singing,  it’s vitally important for you to know the difference.     Singing Style vs Singing Technique As a review, what is singing technique?…

Singing Technique vs Singing Genre

I teach singing technique. Sometimes students want to be taught a specific genre of singing. Do you know the difference between singing technique vs singing genre?   Inside this video I’ll explain singing technique vs singing genre and why you should know about this before you start studying with a singing teacher.   Occasionally I…

Listening For Good Singing Technique

Listening for good singing technique is critical to becoming a good or great singer yourself.   Inside this video I’ll tell you how to begin listening for good singing technique and we’ll listen to some singers to help improve your technique.   Hi, I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power To Sing.   But today I’m Chuck…

Why I Train Singers – My First Video!

Here’s why I train singers.  On January 11, 2011 I made this video to share why I train singers. My “why” is more meaningful to me now than when I first began teaching.     Why do you sing?  I’d love to hear about why you sing! Please feel free to comment below.