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Sing Higher (sometimes by more than an octave).           Strengthen your voice.           Power your confidence upward.           Improve your tone quality.       Eliminate the breaks.        Master your vibrato.        Expand your breath control.        Confirm your Vocal Type.        Really understand your voice.                        Start loving the sound of your voice.           Perfect your pitch.           Win the audition.           Get the part.           Wow your audience.                             Sing with passion.           This is where you figure it all out and really get your voice working!


Private lessons are taken over SKPYE $45.00 for 30 minutes. Four lessons a month are $160.00.

To schedule a lesson, fill out the information below and send me a message. I’ll email or text you and we’ll set a date and time for a lesson.

If you’ve never had a SKYPE voice lesson you may want to watch this blog post.