42 Ways to Make Money Singing PDF

Make money singing online or in person. Here's 42 creative ways to make money singing instead of waiting tables!  Download your FREE PDF and start getting gigs now!

Free PDF Loaded with Money Making Ideas for Singing!

No more starving artist. You've become a confident singer and performer. You demand more of yourself than waiting tables wondering when the next gig will come around. Here are 42 ways you can take control and start singing and making money in spite of pandemics, shutdowns or recessions. 

  • A list of 42 ways to make money singing online or in person. 
  • Two Bonus Word Scripts to help you get started fast.
  •  Don't worry. You won't miss anything. This PDF gives you all the ways Paul Draper teaches you to make money singing. (with a few more thrown in) No need to take notes. 

"What need does a singer fulfill? A singer fulfills a need of creating emotions in groups of people, who have gathered. Everywhere on earth, people are gathering." - Paul Draper

Paul Draper

Magician, Actor, Singer

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