Conquer Vibrato

A proven method to develop, control, and master vibrato in less than a month — even if you were born with no vibrato at all!

If you want to know how even someone born with no vibrato can become the type of singer who attracts crowds, moves people to tears with their voice, and gets paid big bucks to play lead roles in musicals… then here’s how some of the biggest singers of the last 50 years do it. And how you can too.

If you only sing with a flat, straight tone, your voice will never be impressive. It’s as simple as that.

Others overtake you. You miss out on the biggest gigs and career opportunities. And, you spend your life singing for free because you won’t attract
paying customers.

You’ll never be cast in lead roles because you’ll struggle to capture a casting director’s attention. There’s always going to be someone with a warmer, fuller tone ready to stride into the audition and win the role.  

That’s why every great singer has vibrato.

It gives you a fuller tone, improves your pitch, and adds warmth that captivates audiences and makes them fall in love with you.

That’s when you get compliments, callbacks, lead roles, solos, and singing jobs that pay good money. You’re happier, more confident and capable. Life just gets better.

I’m about to show you how to develop the kind of vibrato that gets you all of those things. But first, there’s something you must get 100% clear in your head...

You CAN Learn it! - How I went 44 years without vibrato (but you don’t have to)

I'm front left. What solos I had were without vibrato

“If you’re not born with it, you don’t have it.”

That’s what my singing teacher told me when I
was 16. And I believed her. She was a successful musician with a master’s degree in
vocal performance.

I was born without a hint of vibrato in my voice. My tone was as flat as a pancake, as straight as a Roman road.

As a music major in college, everyone around me had beautiful vibrato. But my voice didn’t improve despite several singing lessons a week.

My confidence dropped. From being the star of my high school musical to one of the least impressive singers I knew…

I'm back row, second from right. No vibrato in Paris

During a solo performance in front of an audience of a few hundred people a year later, I completely bombed on stage. Awful! Off-pitch. Shaky the entire time. All because of my flat tone.  

For 24 years, I didn’t sing another solo.

Then I met Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and Madonna’s singing coach...

He revealed something that only elite level singers knew at the time (and most people are still blind to today)... anyone can learn vibrato.

And, with one simple three-minute exercise, I felt it in my voice.

Within weeks my voice was transformed, my confidence returned, and I decided to do something I hadn’t dared since high school: audition
for musicals.

Me with Seth Riggs, vocal coach to the stars. He helped me overcome my problems and later taught me how to teach others

Since then, I’ve performed in over 40 productions as the lead or supporting lead role. There’s no doubt in my mind that it wouldn’t have happened without vibrato.

It felt like a miracle when Seth gave me the gift of vibrato. But it wasn’t. It’s like any other skill.

With the right guidance and a few simple exercises that Seth taught me, you can have perfect vibrato too. Not only that, you can do it in as little as one month. My course reveals all.

3 simple steps to develop, control

and master vibrato

Conquer Vibrato is a step-by-step video course dedicated to giving you warm, vibrant quality of vibrato and controlling it masterfully. It contains the exact training I’ve used to take 100s of singers from flat-noted novices to vibrato aficionados.

Whether your vibrato is non-existent, shaky or unpredictable, this comprehensive training gets you to where you want to be.

Singing vibrato isn’t nearly as difficult as most teachers and students think. However, it can feel weird at first. Without the right guidance you soon get lost and fall back into the familiar comfort of your flat tone. Conquer Vibrato stops that happening by giving you a clear structure for success.

The training has three phases:

Step 1: Get Vibrato

No beating around the bush. We dive straight in with exercises that induce vibrato in your voice so your vocal cords memorize what it feels like and reproduce it at will.

Discover the three-minute exercise taught to me by Seth Riggs, vocal coach to Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and others. As if by magic, this small-but-mighty exercise instantly gets you feeling vibrato in your voice.  

If you have bad technique you’ll retrain your voice to produce the sound correctly. As you progress, you’ll sing vibrato with the ease and control you’ve never experienced before.

Step 2: Improve Vibrato

Building on the solid foundation, you’ll develop your new skill by learning to stop, start, speed up and slow down the vibrato.

Some people only learn vibrato in one section of their vocal range (usually their middle notes). Here, you’ll find out how to sing vibrato throughout your entire range, so you sound impressive whatever you sing

Plus, you’ll discover how to breathe like a world-class singer so you can sustain vibrato for as long as you want (sidenote: this will improve every other aspect of your singing too!).

Step 3: Practice & Sing with Vibrato

Train with special exercises that strengthen and reinforce your vibrato. Make these exercises part of your regular singing practice until it’s second nature. You’ll be a master before you know it!

In the final part of the course, you’ll practice singing with vibrato in songs. Too much vibrato is distracting, the right amount is delightful. You’ll discover where and when to implement vibrato in songs so you hit the “sweet spot” every time.

When you’re done, it’ll feel so easy and natural you’ll sound like you were born with it.

“Sometimes it sounds so good I can't believe it’s really me singing.”


This exclusive training is available to the general public for the first time ever!

Having vibrato has given me the chance to perform in some great shows, sing wonderful music, create lifelong memories and cherished friends. It changed my life and helped me achieve my singing dreams.

I want you to have the same opportunities.

This course is normally only available inside my private membership, which costs over $250 a year.

But, the training has such life-changing potential, everyone should have the chance to experience it. My members agree. So here it is.

To teach you everything inside the course in person would cost nearly $600.

Today, you get the entire training for $99.97.

The “Vibrato in 30 days or your money back” Guarantee

You’ll be surprised how quickly the training has an effect.

I went from having no vibrato to confidently gliding through my range with a warm, full wavering tone in the space of a few weeks. This isn’t rare. Everyone I teach who practices has the same experience.

The same thing will happen for you. But I want you to feel 100% confident in your investment, so I’m going to make you a promise.

Give the training a go. If you don’t have vibrato after 30 days, I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. Just email and you’ll have your money back within 48 hours.

Here’s what People are Saying about Conquer Vibrato

“What I like about the way you teach vibrato is that you don't just throw us into the ocean and say ‘Swim or drown’.  All of the exercises are helpful and all of them provide another way to practice the same thing. If one doesn't work for you, you can just go to another one and achieve the same thing.”


“Life is better now because singing with vibrato is more beautiful and it’s given me more self-confidence.”



I don’t want to sound like I’m faking vibrato — how will you help me sound natural?

People who sound like they’re faking vibrato usually are. This course isn’t about teaching you a technique to fake vibrato. It’s the opposite. You'll do exercises that naturally produce vibrato in your voice. You’ll sound like you were born with it. No one will notice that though. They’ll just compliment you on how great your voice is.

I’m over 60 and have just retired ― is it too late for me to learn vibrato?

Not at all. You can learn to sing at any age. I didn’t have any vibrato until I was 44. And, I’ve taught plenty of people 60+ to become proficient with it. It’s actually great that you’re retired, it means you have time to practice and you’ll improve really quickly.

My vibrato sounds weird and I can’t control it — will this course help?

Yes, 100%. Inside Conquer Vibrato you’ll discover exercises that train you how to control your vibrato so it’s under your command at all times. Speed it up, slow it down, stop and start it at will. If your voice sounds weird, it might be because you’re producing the sound incorrectly. If this is the case, you’ll retrain your voice and produce the sound correctly with less effort and greater ease.

I get tired if I sing for any length of time ― will vibrato help me sing for longer?

Yes. Singing with a straight tone is extremely tiring to the voice because it often promotes vocal technique that emphasizes closed throat, high laryngeal position and tension in the larynx. Vibrato is a much purer technique. Once you’ve learned it you’ll be able to sing for far longer without tiring or damaging your voice.

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