Ep.16: Singing Tips-Diaphragm Breathing Video MashUp

Ep.16: Singing Tips-Diaphragm Breathing Video MashUp

Singing Tips-Diaphragm Breathing Video Mashup

As a singer or a student of singing, does breathing from the diaphragm feel unnatural to you?  Here’s a video mash-up about breathing from the diaphragm. Inside you’ll get extra help understanding and using diaphragmatic breathing for singing.


Take a look at this video mashup and get some real help breathing from the diaphragm.


Below are resource links about diaphragmatic breathing which are part of the video mashup. If the links aren’t live, cut and paste them into the browser.





Learn the Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique



The Benefits of Deep Breathing



Diaphragmatic Breathing



How to Breathe: Breathing and Diaphragm- your body’s way! (Franklin Method)



Diaphragmatic Breathing: Life changing video



Bhastrika Pranayama: The Bellows Breath



Proper Breathing – The Cure for Stress & Pain?



How Do Your Lungs Work



Learn How to Breathe Correctly / Dr. Mandell



How To Breathe Properly While Running | 2 Breathing Techniques



“Just Breathe” by Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman (Wavecrest Films)



Anna Nalick – Breathe (2am) BEST SOUND



Pearl Jam – Just Breath



Maroon 5- Harder to Breath




If you long to do more with your singing it is possible. This is the first and most important message. It is possible to achieve your dreams to sing better, to sing higher, to add beauty, confidence and power to your voice! I know this because I’ve experienced a real change in my voice that has enabled me to reach my dreams and desires to sing and perform and really find happiness and fulfillment! And so have my students. I want to help you do the same!

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  1. Hi Kristy: Great question. I find that I actually will do both depending on which is most convenient. But I think the majority of the time I breath through my mouth. I don’t think there’s really a best way. However, one tip I will give is to inhale quietly. Inhaling quietly though the mouth seems to keep your throat more open and relaxed and combined with the help of the low breath, seems to help keep the larynx lower too. Thanks for the question.

  2. Hi Chuck! I love your videos! Question: When you breathe, should you breathe in through the nose? Does your voice work better breathing through the nose rather than through the mouth?

    Thank you,


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