Ep.43 Trouble Singing High Notes in Billboard’s All Time Top 10 Ten


Trouble Singing High Notes in Billboard’s All Time Top 10 Ten

What would have happened if the singers in Billboard’s all time Top 10 songs had trouble singing high notes in the First Bridge? I’m going to sing excerpts from parts of the songs sung by men that are in the first bridge or higher. Ladies, there are several top ten excerpts with female singers. Don’t worry, I’m not going to try those.


How many times have you loved a song, but struggled to sing it because you had trouble singing high notes?


Do you realize that it’s not because you can’t. Rather it’s because you don’t know how to get through the First Bridge of your voice.   


Did you know that if you learn how get through the First Bridge you could sing that song you love? And sing it really well?


Here are songs from Billboard’s All Time Top 10 Pop Songs and a few from The Top Ten’s Website and Rolling Stone Magazine’s Top 10.


I’ll play the original artist, sing my version if they couldn’t sing in the first bridge, and then I’ll show you what’s possible if you learn to “bridge”.  


These Singers have no trouble singing high notes!

Here are the songs and excerpts from the Top 10 lists mentioned above

The Twist – Chubby Checker

Mack the Knife – Bobby Darin

How do I Live – LeAnn Rimes

Physical – Olivia Newton-John

You Light up My Life – Debbie Boone

Hey Jude – The Beatles   Removed for Copyright issues. They blocked the video from being seen everywhere in the world, so I deleted John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Respect – Aretha Franklin  Removed for Copyright issues. Owners would not allow my video to be shown anywhere, so I deleted Aretha.

Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin

Hotel California – Eagles

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen


I couldn’t hit any of the notes I hit today, before learning how to sing in and through the First Bridge.


How you sing in the First Bridge describes your vocal type. If you flip and crack as you sing higher, your vocal type is Flip/Falsetto. If you pull chest voice into what should be head voice, your vocal type is Pulled Chest/High Larynx.


Do you know your vocal type? Visit PowerToSing.com and take the vocal test which I call the PowerTest. Take the quiz and immediately discover your vocal type.


Visit the Knowledge Center and watch the videos about your vocal type and download the exercises. They’re designed to help you improve your voice so you can learn to sing in and through the First Bridge of your voice.  


I’m Chuck Gilmore. You can sing higher with beauty, confidence and power.


I’ll see you inside the next video.


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