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  • Chuck

    August 13, 2018 at 12:16 am

    @colin Hi Colin: It’s interesting you would mention singing church hymns. I did exactly the same thing today and noticed as I was singing how easy it is to start pulling my chest voice.The hymns in my hymn book are frequently pitched at the top of our chest voices and often into the first note of the bridge…Eb4.

    For me that’s what makes the hymns so hard. All the D, Eb and E4’s on a lot of open vowels. I am successful if I narrow the vowels. I start pulling chest if I try and sing the vowels (words) in an open or wide fashion.

    For example if the word is “Savior” and it’s close to, or in the bridge, I must narrow the “a” to “seh” -vior. So it’s from “a” as in “bay” so that it sounds more like “bed”. Take that sound and sing Sehvior and I can keep it in a mix, rather than letting it go into chest…which tends to pull there.

    Does that make sense?