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  • Chuck

    March 3, 2021 at 4:59 pm

    @James Eaton Here’s the answer…which may not be very satisfactory, but he is in light chest voice in both his songs. You can tell he is in chest when he gets louder and it starts to pull a little bit. He’s a very gifted singer with a very high range.

    In the first video the notes he is singing at the beginning are all pitched in the chest range…and he sings them in light chest or soft chest voice.

    The first video at 0:58 seconds he pulls chest. If he were singing in mix….he wouldn’t do that.

    The second video he sings the F4 in a lighter chest voice…and because he has such a high voice, it sounds pretty good. At 2:55 (I think it’s on the word “ocean”) in the second video you can hear him pull chest. This is how I know, he’s not in mix….just light chest voice. As soon as he sings harder or louder…it’s easier to hear it’s chest.

    I’m not saying he’s a bad singer. On the contrary in the words of Seth Riggs, he is so good he can abuse and sound good. Mainly because he has such a high tenor voice he can pull chest up higher and it’s harder to recognize until he sings louder.

    I suggest in the lower notes you can do the same. If you are below the first bridge, sing it in light chest voice. It will give you more “presence” with no adverse consequences. On the notes in and above the bridge, you can mix.

    Hope this helps.