Four Stages

Stage 1

Sing Higher

Stage 2

Sing Better

Stage 3

Sing Songs

Stage 4

Singing Mastery

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Singers Impact Four Stages


Stage One: Sing Higher

Fundamentals: Get Your Vocal Type, Vocal Cords, Chest Voice, Head Voice, Mix Voice, Falsetto, Breathing, Your Potential, Psychology of Singing

Bridging: Bridges, Understanding Vocal Type, Mix Voice, Course: Sing Higher Than Ever Before

In Stage One you’ll get your vocal type and develop a better understanding of your voice. You’ll sing from chest to head voice with a mixed voice and improved tone quality. You’ll also discover new possibilities for your voice!

Stage Two: Sing Better

Improve Vibrato, Balance and Range: Complete three courses. 1) Conquer Vibrato, 2) Master Your High Notes and 3) Make Your High Notes Impressive

In Stage Two your understanding of your voice will increase along with your confidence. You’ll get or improve your vibrato, achieve better balance in your voice and increase your upper range.

Stage Three: Sing Songs

Application to Songs: You’ll learn to apply the exercises to your songs, including learning to narrow vowels to help you stay in your mix or head voice. You’ll also complete the course, The Bridging Kit.

Your bridging will be more consistent. There’ll be less tension and more control as you sing higher. You’ll have more confidence singing for an audience.

Stage Four: Singing Mastery

Singing Mastery: Continuous Vocal Improvement, Exercises, Listening to Singers, Performing, Auditioning, Songwriting, Musical Theatre, Professional Gigs, YouTube, Record Contracts, Studio Singing, Cruise Line Contracts, Corporate Work, Teacher Training.

Stage Four is the path of singing mastery. You’ll always be refining and improving your voice. Your knowledge, skill and professionalism in singing and performing will continue to expand.