Four Vocal Types – Are you a Light Chest – No Chest Type?

There are Four Vocal Types. If you know your vocal type, you can improve your singing rapidly with special exercises just for you. Inside this video, I’ll help you find out if your vocal type is Light Chest – No Chest. Knowing this can completely change your singing for the better.


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Last week we talked about three ways to see if you were Pulled Chest – High Larynx. That’ll be available at the end of this video so you can watch it.


First, what are the four vocal types?


The four vocal types are:


Pulled Chest-High Larynx

Light Chest-No Chest




As I’ve mentioned before, all singers have elements of some or all of these. However, one of these is dominant in every singer.


Your vocal type describes what your voice tends to do as you sing from your low to your high notes.


This video will describe the Light Chest-No Chest vocal type. This is a vocal type found in both mens’ and womens’ voices.


Here are Three Things That Indicate You are This Vocal Type

First, as you sing from your low to high notes, your voice tends to feel breathy and light. It feels soft and airy on the low, medium and high notes. [Demo]


Second, your voice is soft and doesn’t project. It is difficult to hear you sing. Sometimes this is true when you speak.  [Demo]


Third, your voice tends to fade out and as you sing lower and lower. There is little to no sound in the bottom of your voice. [Demo]


If you think you might be this vocal type, tell me now in the description below. Type “Yes, I’m light Chest/No Chest”, or “No, I’m something else”.


Why is this important to know? Because you can do exercises that eliminate these problems. The exercises will retrain your vocal cords to come together more firmly which results in a stronger, less breathy speaking and singing voice.


Here’s an exercise that will help stop the air leak, eliminate breathiness, and give you a stronger tone quality throughout your range.


It sounds like this. AE… AE… AE.  This will help bring your vocal cords together more firmly.


Ladies do the exercise here. [Demo] Now you try it.


Men you do the same exercise on this pitch. [Demo] Now you try it.


Now add a N[ae]. It sounds like this. [demo 5 tone scale]  Now you try it.


Ready ladies. Begin.


Now the men. Ready, begin.


This might feel aggressive to you at first. But with practice you’ll get used to your vocal cords coming together more firmly.


Remember, this is not a finished sound. But it’s an important beginning to developing a much stronger voice by retraining the vocal cords to adduct more appropriately for singing.


At first, you’ll feel much stronger vibrations and tone quality especially in your chest voice. Over time, this will strengthen your mix and head voice.


This vocal type is called Light Chest/No Chest.


There are many more exercises to train your vocal cords to adduct more firmly for singing. You’ll find them in the PDF titled, “Get Your Vocal Type”.  Get this PDF here or in the description below this Youtube video.


The “Get Your Vocal Type” PDF also includes links to videos about your vocal type.  Also you can download special exercises specifically for your unique vocal type. These exercises will retrain your nervous system so you can eliminate the problems in your voice and sing without breathiness.


There are separate exercises for the other three vocal types you can download to help you improve rapidly.  These exercises will help you sing from low to high notes without straining, breaking, falsetto OR breathiness.


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I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power To Sing. You can sing higher with beauty, confidence, and power.


I’ll see you inside the next video.







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