What’s correct practice? Or how to does it feel when practicing high notes

  • What’s correct practice? Or how to does it feel when practicing high notes

    Posted by Matthias on August 14, 2021 at 4:15 am

    Hi everyone,

    I picked up music again, maybe 3 months or so. I used to solo – play/sing in bars with an acoustic guitar. Clapton, Oasis, Dylan, standards… basic stuff, enough said.

    Why I’m mentioning this is due to the fact that this environment favors really loud singing, from the drinks consumed to the noise levels in those places on busy weekend nights. I’d say that’s what my voice is/was used to.

    After taking Chuck’s test, it came out to “pulled chest”. “Feels about right”, I said to myself.

    My range is from E2-D2, with vocal fry even lower — up to a G4-G#4. It’s not as bassy as Chuck’s voice, I’d go for baritone sound. I’m not able to pull-off any vibrato.

    U2’s “With or without you” sits on an A4 at some point (I can’t live, with or without you – [A4] wough oh oh oh…,) , I feel squeezed like a lemon, twisted like a towel – you get the idea.

    Here are the questions:

    1. How to practice? Lip trills, “nays”: Once I approach my higher notes, I feel strained. No strain, no high notes. I can sing them quietly (I would consider it head voice, not falsetto), but no strain, no way of going higher. If I think of a split (with the legs) and comparing my vocal cords to it, I’d have to stretch to get the a) leg tendons to allow me to split further or b) the vocal cords to thin out. What’s a good approach here? No strain at all? strain with low volume? Just do the exercises for a couple of months?

    2. I really wonder, in one of Chuck’s videos, he demonstrated a G5 in head voice. How does that feel? strained?

    Thanks for your replies.



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