How to Make Vibrato Go Faster

We’ve all heard singers with slow vibrato. It’s painful. [Video Demo] Why does this happen and how can you make vibrato go faster? Inside this video I’ll explain why it happens and give you two vocal exercises to make vibrato go faster.



Vibrato done well sounds great. Our voices sound natural and the song sounds better.


However, vibrato too slow sounds labored and awkward. Why does this happen and how can you speed it up?


Why It’s Too Slow


Here are some causes of it slowing down.


  • You learned to do it too slow in the first place.
  • You’re vocal cords are swollen because you’re singing sick.
  • You’ve been abusing your voice by pulling up the chest voice and or hiking up the larynx.
  • You’re blasting too much air to the vocal cords, which thickens the cords and slows vibrato.
  • Poor lifestyle choices such as smoking or abusing alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Yelling, screaming, over-singing, excessive talking, etc.


These things can cause vocal damage more severe than slowing down your vibrato. Sometimes it can even lead to surgery on your vocal cords.


The solution lies in not singing sick, making better lifestyle choices to safeguard your voice and your life, stopping screaming, yelling, excessive talking or over singing. Studying good singing technique that includes bridging into head voice and improving your vibrato.


How to Improve Vibrato


Here are two excellent vocal exercises to speed up vibrato.


  1. Tongue Trill on and Octave Up Arpeggio. You ascend up the scale with the tongue trill and sustain the vibrato on an “e” vowel like this. [Demo]  Men start on the Bb2. Ladies start on the F3. It’s low but it’ll still work. Both voices will go up 3 ½ steps.
  2. Here’s a 2nd exercise that will also make vibrato go faster. Do the above exercise as explained but use “she” instead of the tongue trill. Repeat the “she” rapidly 3 times and then sustain the “e” vowel like this. [Demo]


I’ll play the exercises for the men and then I’ll play them for the women so you all can try this now.


Commit your nervous system to memorise this new, faster speed of vibrato. Practice these exercises several times a day. Within a short time your vibrato will go faster. Sometimes it’s immediate. Practice it until you can do it without thinking.


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I’ll see you inside the next video.  

PS: You may find this video helpful:

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