Are you an iPhone / iPad user?

How to Take the PowerTest with an iPhone

Take the PowerTest to discover your Vocal Type using a mobile device.

As of this video, mobile operating systems don’t permit playing music and recording simultaneously.

Watch this video to find out how to get your vocal type using a mobile phone. The solution is Your Best Friend! Use each others phones. First record with yours while your friend plays the music. You can take the PowerTest and quiz and get your vocal type. Then reverse the process to enable your best friend to get their vocal type!

Are you an Android Phone / Tablet user?

We’re still working on this. For now, try the Smart Voice Recorder app. It’s a simple recording tool. It’s been reported you can playback our audio and record yourself with this app, export your recording and then e-mail it to me directly!

Find Out Your Personal Vocal Type

Get personalized advice based on your type of voice.