How to Sing the A4, Bb, B, C5, C-Sharp Without Breaking – For Women

Ladies, this video is about how to sing the A4, Bb, B, C5, C#5 without breaking. These notes comprise the first bridge or passaggio for sopranos, mezzos, and most altos. Almost all the good songs require these notes. Get ready for your singing life to change.


This video is for women’s voices. Men, I did a similar video for you last week. Check it out here.


I will not spend time explaining why this works.


I will tell you it will work for the entire female population on earth.


How to Sing the A4, Bb, B, C5, C# Without Breaking


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Step One: When doing these exercises, please try and release your throat, neck and swallowing muscles; any muscle not having to do with speaking and singing. Take a big breath and relax. Stand with your feet shoulders-width apart, shoulders comfortably pulled back (no slouching) with your chest up.


Step Two: The exercises will feel very different. My advice is don’t fight the new feeling. Instead, relax and let happen what happens.


Step Three: Listen very carefully to how I demonstrate these exercises. Your job is to mimic or imitate them exactly as I do them. Especially important is to do them medium to medium soft. Doing them loud will cause you to fail. You will fail if you try and force this with loudness. Less is more.


I will give you 4 ways to do this. Other than this first exercise that everyone must do, it’s not necessary to do all of these. Choose the one that works best for you.


Exercises for Everyone


#1. Bubble Lips – 5 Tone Scale F#4-C#5  [Demo]


You should feel the vibration shift above the hard and soft palates. Do this often. It will help you feel what it’s like to sing from chest to head voice.


#2. Ah turning into Uh – Same Scale to C#5  [Demo]


Don’t fight the feeling. Don’t get louder. Don’t push harder. Stay medium soft. The biggest mistake is letting the Ah spread wider while getting louder, like this. [Demo]


If you can’t sing “Uh” close it down to “oo” as in “good”. If you can’t do that, sing it with an N “u” as in “new”.


#3. Ney – Same Scale but with an exaggerated witchy voice. [Demo]


Don’t get louder…get softer. Be as witchy as you need to be to keep the tone connected. [Demo]

Stay exaggerated…not normal sounding. [Demo]


#4. Gee – Same Sale but with an exaggerated dopey sound. [Demo]


Say “duh”. Not a regular “duh” but a really stupid “duh”. [Demo] Now say “gee” with the same dopey sound. As with the other exercises, stay softer, don’t grab it too hard. [Demo]  As the notes get higher, the sound changes to be more hollow or hooty like this. [Demo]


If one of these didn’t work for you, video and/or record yourself. Make sure you have followed the directions and demonstrations exactly. Have someone watch my video and tell you if you are doing the exercises as demonstrated.


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To get many more exercises to help you learn how to sing the A4, Bb, B, C5, C# without breaking, download the PDF “Get Your Vocal Type” here. You can get it here or in the Youtube description below this video.


This PDF will take you to a vocal test, which I call the PowerTest.  This will give you your vocal type, and it contains links to videos for each vocal type, together with free exercises you can download. These exercises will also help you learn how to sing the A4, Bb, B, C5, C# without breaking.


These exercises work. They’ve worked for me. They’ve worked for many thousands worldwide.


I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power To Sing.  You can sing higher with beauty, confidence and power.


I’ll see you inside the next video.




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  1. Thanks Ananda. BTW, try practicing Freddy’s songs softly. See if that makes a difference. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Chuck. Your help over the last two years has turned me from a struggling F4 to darn near a counter tenor! I still have to yell for the Freddy Mercury highs but I will get control.

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