How to Sound Confident When You Sing- 2 Tips

About the worse feeling in the world is to stand up to sing and have your knees start shaking and your voice start trembling.  So how do you sound confident when you sing?

Inside this video I’ll give you 2 tips to increase your confidence when you sing.


How to Sound Confident When You Sing

I once heard Michael Jackson’s voice teacher, Seth Riggs say something like, “If it’s easy to do you aren’t scared.”  


In other words, if it’s easy to do, it’s easier to sound confident when you sing.  


How does singing become easy?  Here are two tips to help singing become easy. (By the way, there’s a treasure of great singing tips in Power to Sing. So if you haven’t subscribed yet, click “subscribe” and click the “bell” to be notified when a new video’s ready. Also be sure to join me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @PowerToSing.


Here are two very powerful tips to help you sound confident when you sing.


2 Tips to Help You Sound Confident When You Sing


  1. Learn to sing Mix through the vocal bridge.
  1. This means you will learn how to sing from chest to head voice in the bridge or passaggio. The bridge is where you leave your low voice and sing into your high voice. I couldn’t do this until I was 43 years old. [Demo]


  1. In Mix voice you sing into your high voice (head voice) without cracking, breaking, straining or falsetto.  [Demo]


  1. Learning to sing Mix will significantly increase your vocal range and help you sound confident when you sing. Personally, I’ve added over an octave to my range.  [Demo]


  1. Develop or improve your vibrato. Vibrato improves the tone quality and control of your voice.  I also didn’t have vibrato until I was 43. [Demo] Absence of good vibrato makes you doubt your ability as a singer.


How do you learn to Sing with a Mix and vibrato?


First, if you can, study with a teacher who can sing with a Mix and knows how to teach others. Here’s a link to a video that teaches you six exercises to help you start singing with mix.

There’s a video for men  and a separate video for women’s voices


Second, Youtube is a rich resource that can be a tremendous help. There are hundreds more free videos on this channel or in my vlog at If you need to work on vibrato, here’s a great video that works. It’s helped hundreds of singers learn vibrato.


Third, I recommend you discover your vocal type. Your vocal type describes what you tend to do when you sing from low notes to high notes. For example, if you pull your low voice too high [demo], that’s called pulled chest/high larynx. You can’t sing with a Mix if you do that.


To get your vocal type, look in the description below this video. Download the free PDF, “Get Your Vocal Type”. This PDF gives you links to a vocal test, videos about each of the 4 vocal types, and free exercises you can download to help you begin to discover and sing with a Mix.

Free PDF – Get Your Vocal Type


Download your free PDF now, get your vocal type and start working on the exercises for your vocal type. These exercises will help you learn to sing with a Mix voice.


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I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power to Sing. You can sing higher with beauty, confidence and power.


I’ll see you inside the next video.


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Chuck Gilmore

Chuck Gilmore

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