Learn How to Sing Musical Intervals


Note: This video was revised. The Bugs Bunny Cartoon excerpt was removed so I wouldn’t get thrown into the slammer. Sorry you missed it. You can watch what was in my original video at this link: 


Start watching at 00:47 second to the end. The singer hits some crazy musical intervals which, in my original video, I highlighted on screen as he was doing them. 


Learn How to Sing Musical Intervals 

Can you look at this interval and know what it is and what it sounds like?

Learn How to Sing Musical Intervals

If you can learn how to sing 13 musical intervals you’ll greatly improve your ability to sing and read music.


You’ll also understand and appreciate music while you’re developing and training your ear! This will help you learn how to sing songs faster, and make you a better singer and performer.


Inside this video I’ll show you an easy way to learn these intervals by matching them with well-known tunes so you can recognize and remember what each one sounds like.


Hi I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power To Sing. When we sing the songs we love, every two notes create a musical interval. From the first note to the second note is an interval from one pitch to the other. And so it goes from one note to the next.


Today I’ll help you learn how to sing 13 basic intervals to help train your musical ear and improve your singing and ability to read music.


Here’s how you can tell what interval you are looking at.


Count the distance (interval) between the two notes. Start with the bottom note (1) and count up to the top note. In this example the top note is 5. 1 is bottom note, the space above it is 2, the line above is 3, the space above is 4 and the top note is 5. This is how to determine the interval between notes.

Learn How to Sing Musical Intervals

In our examples today, the Flat symbol in the 2nd interval shown below means that the top note is ½ step lower which makes this a minor 2nd. If there was no flat symbol, this would be a major 2nd.

Learn How to Sing Musical Intervals

If there is a Sharp symbol (#) it means the note is raised ½ step. In the example below this 4th interval ½ step higher and is called an Augmented 4th. (Sometimes called a Tritone)

Learn How to Sing Musical Intervals


Soon you’ll hear a perfect 5th and recognize it’s unique sound and you’ll know what it’s written form looks like. This will happen with all the intervals!


One last thought. An interval does not have to be stacked on top of each other. In a melody they are written one after the other. But you count them the same way.


Learn How to Sing Musical Intervals

Watch video examples of each of the following intervals. Have fun with this!

  1. Unison: Hava Nagila
  2. Minor Second: Theme from “Jaws”
  3. Major Second: Happy Birthday
  4. Minor Third: Brahms Lullaby
  5. Major Third: Kum Ba Yah
  6. Perfect Fourth: Wedding March
  7. Augmented Fourth: Maria (West Side Story)
  8. Perfect Fifth: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  9. Minor Sixth: Theme from “Love Story”
  10. Major Sixth: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
  11. Minor Seventh: Somewhere (West Side Story)
  12. Major Seventh: Bali Ha’i (South Pacific)
  13. Octave: Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Do you know your vocal type? I don’t mean whether you are soprano, alto, tenor or bass. Your vocal type is what you tend to do when you sing.


Visit PowerToSing.com and take the PowerTest…the vocal test… learn immediately your vocal type.


Then go to the Knowledge Center and watch the videos for your vocal type. There are exercises you can download for your vocal type which will help you begin to improve immediately.


I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power to Sing. You can sing higher with beauty, confidence and power.


Here’s a helpful link to find other songs for musical intervals: EarMaster.com

Learn How to Sing Musical Intervals

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