Practicing Singing – Things NEVER to Do  

This video is about practicing singing, things never to do. Here are 4 things that will save your voice and speed up your progress


Practicing Singing Things NEVER to Do


Things NEVER to do when you are practicing singing:

#1:  Never Practice with a loud volume. Why? When you sing loud you have to blast more air. The vocal cords must tighten to hold back the air. This adds tension from the outer neck muscles. This causes you to squeeze and over-compress. You’ll never be able to balance and coordinate the air from your lungs with the vocal cords so they can develop their own power and strength.


This causes your voice to get sore and hoarse, your high notes to go flat, your range to decrease, and sometimes your vocal cords to get injured.


Solution: Practice softly. Gradually increase volume as you’re able to maintain balance and coordination. If you do this, you’ll be able to bridge from chest to head voice and back, on all the different scales, without straining or breaking. [Demo]


#2: Never try to increase your range by forcing your voice extremely higher. Forcing it higher means pushing harder and louder as you sing higher. You’ll face the same problems as above in #1. You voice will seize and muscle up.


Solution: Stay within the range of the exercises. These exercises will increase your ability to sing through the bridge from chest to head voice without strain or breaking. This will dramatically increase your range. [Demo]


#3: Never focus on practicing long hours instead of practicing correctly. If you’re not practicing correctly, hours of incorrect practice will strengthen your bad habits.


Solution: Focus on practicing correctly. Watch the videos. Listen to the demonstrations. Record yourself doing the exercises and listen to yourself. Are you doing them exactly as shown?


If you’re not getting the results, what’s the difference between the demonstrations and how you’re doing them? Do them precisely and you’re likely to succeed. Get a friend to confirm you’re doing them right.


The exercises are done in special ways that cause them to work with your voice. If you disregard this and do them your way, they likely won’t work.


The batty sound helps “thin” the vocal cords and tone. They don’t work if you do the exercise with a normal voice and too loud. [Demo]


The dopy sound stretches the vocal cords with a lower larynx.  They don’t work if you lose the dopy sound and use your normal voice. [Demo]


These exercises cause you to be able to sing through the bridge without straining or breaking.


Also, you must do them on the given pitches.


Practicing Singing - Things NEVER to Do

#4: Never practice for hours at a time. New or rusty singers often practice for hours thinking they will sing great in just a few days of long, hard practice.  It’s more likely you’ll make very little progress and possibly could risk injuring your voice.


Solution: Practice for the same amount of time that you’re performing. If you’re not performing, practice 15-30 minutes a day. Maybe do a second session later in the day. In a few months you might increase the time if needed. Daily shorter practice is better than sporadic long practices.


If you’re in a show, do vocal exercises for 20-30 minutes and sing through your songs. This might add up to 1-2 hours depending on your show or set list.


Warning: If you perform regularly, it might take months to break old habits and be able to easily use correct technique in your performances. Be patient. It will come.


The important thing is correct practice.


If you never do these 4 things and focus on correct practice your progress will be steady, positive and exciting.


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Do Exercises for Your Vocal Type

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I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power To Sing. You can sing higher with beauty, confidence and power.


I’ll see you inside the next video.

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  1. I like the fact that you picked all the four I have been doing wrongly. Now I’ll correct them and hope to get Positive results.

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