Second Nature Singing Turns Suffering Singers into Confident Performers

You’ve recognized you are a suffering singer in some aspect of your singing.

  • You’re vocal technique is poor and needs help
  • You struggle singing songs especially on certain words
  • You are self-conscious when singing in front of others

And there many other symptoms and they all translate into disappointment or frustration:

  • You want to audition for musicals but you don’t have the confidence to sing
  • You audition but never get cast in the roles you want
  • You want to get in a special choir but can’t get accepted
  • You want to get through a performance without getting hoarse
  • You want to be the lead singer in the band, but you worry what your bandmates will think
  • You want a career in singing, but you are unhappy with your own voice

Being a suffering singer results in not being able to do what you’ve wanted all your life.

The Second Nature Singing System (SNS) will END YOUR SUFFERING!

How SNS ends the suffering of the Struggling Singer/Performer

SNS is a Six Week Online Course.

There is also a preparation week, week zero, where you take the vocal test and get your vocal type from Chuck before beginning the course.

Twelve One-on-One Coaching Sessions
One key to your success in The Second Nature Singing System is one-on-one coaching with Chuck Gilmore throughout the entire course. Neither you or Chuck know if you’re singing correctly unless he hears you. Then he can give you feedback and coaching. More about this later.

Second Nature Singing is based on Three Pillars of learning and skill development ... 

Pillar #1 - Designer Exercises

This is the Pillar of Vocal Technique. Here you identify your unique vocal type so you can do exercises that make a difference in your voice. These are the Designer Exercises that you will master during the course. Other elements of Pillar One include; Vibrato (get it and/or improve it), Bridging, Vocal Anatomy and Building Confidence.

Pillar #2 - Strategic Songs

Inside this Pillar is the very important application of vocal technique to songs. Exercises are meaningless if you can’t sing a song. In Pillar #2 you will learn to identify the bridges in your voice. Then you will learn how to sing the challenging notes/words in the bridges. This is THE critical skill you need to be able to sing words on high notes.

You will also select a song to sing that will build and improve your voice, especially your Mix voice, ie, a Strategic Song. This Pillar will help you sing any song, in any key, successfully.

You will also continue to expand your range into your 2nd and 3rd vocal bridges so that you can sing high notes effortlessly. 

Pillar #3 - Embracing Audiences

This Pillar will enable you to perform confidently for any audience. Through the power of lyrics you will learn to connect on an emotional level with your audience so you can command the stage. In this Pillar your confidence in your ability to perform will reach new heights. 

This skill immediately enhances your ability to perform confidently for anyone, anywhere, anytime! You will learn how singers are actors and how to maximize your power as a confident performer.

Without All 3 Pillars You Remain a Suffering Singer

Without good vocal technique your singing suffers. Great technique means nothing if you can’t sing songs without splatting or cracking. If you have great technique and can sing songs easily, but can’t engage your audiences, then your technique and songs have little value.

If you can engage your audience, but your technique is poor, you will struggle in your songs.

Each Pillar in the Second Nature Singing System helps support the other Pillars. Take away one and the suffering continues. When you aquire the skills in all three pillars, you become a confident performer.

That’s when audiences fall in love with you and your confidence becomes unstoppable.

You get the attention of fans, event organizers, talent agencies, record labels, producers, theaters, as well as your family and friends.


from suffering singer to confident performer


Social Support
You will have online Forums and Groups inside the SNS Course dashboard where you will be able to meet and support others. It is a place where you can feel safe as well as augment your learning.

Twice Weekly Live Group Classes
Each Tuesday and Friday from 1:00-2:30 PM Mountain Time (Three Hours per Week), we’ll hold an interactive vocal group class. You will have the opportunity to work with Chuck one on one, while classmates observe. Classes are private to our group and are recorded for future viewing.

Class times may be changed or added, depending on circumstances.

Personal Email Voice Coaching
Twice a week you can use an email voice messaging system. You record a sample of your singing and send it to Chuck. He will listen to it and give you feedback. This is in addition to the two live weekly broadcasts.

Weekly Video and Reading Assignments
Each Monday you will receive PDF’s and Videos to guide your learning for the week. You’ll use the live broadcasts and audio emails to support your learning and verify you are doing the vocal exercises correctly. 

Course Dates

The Second Nature Singing Course Week One begins on June 28, 2021 and runs for six weeks, ending on Saturday August 7, 2021. There are some preliminary activities during week Zero, the week of June 21th. More information will be coming about Week Zero.

  • Week Zero: June 21-26, 2021
  • Week One Starts: June 28, 2021 
  • Week Six ends: August 7, 2021

Cost of the Course

You get 18 hours of vocal group classes ($2,700.00 value)
Six weeks of audio coaching - 2 messages per week ($900.00 value)
Six weeks of PDF’S/Video ($4,500.00 value)
Total Six week Course ($8,100.00 value)

Discounted Six-Week Course Tuition: $597.00

Inaugural Course Discount:  -$200.00
Note: Although this is the first SNS Course, each Pillar has been
taught separately during the last 12 years. This is the first time all
three Pillars will all be available in one course.

Final Course Tuition.. $397.00
That's right ... all you pay is $397. That's it!

Plus TWO Enrollment Bonuses for the First 25 Students

One Private 30 minute Lesson with Chuck Gilmore ($75.00 value)
To be taken during the course.

Lifetime 50% discount off the course price for any subsequent SNS Course you join.

And start singing with the ease, clarity and confidence you’ve always dreamed of.

Why should you listen to me?

Hi, I’m Chuck, the founder of Power to Sing.

I’ve been a certified singing instructor since the early 2000s. I was trained to be a teacher by Seth Riggs, founder of Speech Level Singing and vocal coach to Michael Jackson.

To date, I’ve starred in nearly 45 musical productions as the lead role or supporting singer. That’s a picture of me playing the king in The King and I. Not bad for someone who once took a 24-year break from performing due to discouragement with my singing voice.

If you’ve seen my YouTube channel (which has over 21,800,000 views)…you’ll know that I like to make singing simple, stress-free and fun.

I love teaching almost as much as I love singing. I want to help as many people around the world sing with the beauty, confidence and power we’re all capable of.

And I haven’t come across a more powerful way to teach singing than this.

But don’t take my word for it. My students will tell you.


I love that I’m improving

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you're doing! I can really tell the difference every single week and I love that I'm improving. Thank you Chuck, you are aaahmazing!!!

Analea  //  Professional Singer - Songwriter

Your exercises helped me remove breaks

Greetings from Slovakia! For three and one-half years I struggled to train my voice...I tried vocal programs like Singing Success and Rock the Stage. They helped me a little, BUT I could not remove those breaks... Your exercises helped me remove them ...3-4 of your videos gave me more than the entire programs from the others.

Michal Tomaska   //  Warehouse Worker

…My voice has tremendously changed

Just wanted to say thank you. I've been singing for over 20 years. I subscribed to your channel, took your test and started doing the exercises EVERY DAY for the past month. (I was in the high larynx/pulled chest category).

…My voice has tremendously changed and I'm now able to do things I never was able to do in the past and believe you me, this is sooo liberating. I used to think that I could never sound better but thank God I found you and my voice will NEVER be the same. I finally am starting to "learn" how to sing.

It has changed my perception of myself and life.

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

G Calloway


Q: Why is the course so inexpensive?

A: Don’t let the low cost of the course concern you. This is a course packed with tremendous value and will provide a huge transformation for course members. Content from the Three Pillars has been taught constantly for the last 12 years. What’s different now is it’s available as a six week course. It’s a way to celebrate and recognize the Second Nature Singing Course inaugural Class. This course will never be this inexpensive again.

The real issue isn’t cost. The real issue is the commitment you bring to becoming a confident performer. Those who invest the greatest effort will get the greatest results.

Q: I’m not sure I can make the time commitment. How many hours a week will this take?

A: I will be surprised if you have to spend more than an hour a day. Maybe 7 hours a week. You may need to add a little more if you attend the twice weekly vocal classes.

Q: Can you really expect to become a confident performer in 6 weeks?

A: It is absolutely possible. But even if you don’t, you’ll be so much further ahead than you are now and you will have a clear pathway to get there soon.

Q: I’ve sung professionally. Is this course better for beginners?

A: Advanced beginners, Intermediate and professional singers will thrive in this course. When it comes to singing and performing, suffering singers come at all skill levels. And all skill levels experience great benefit.

Q: What if I can’t carry a tune? Will SNS help me?

A: No, this is not the right course for you. You want to focus on Ear Training Courses.

Q: Is there an age cut off?

A: Yes. Students who enroll must be 18 or older.

Q: Where did you get the name, Second Nature Singing?

A: The Three Pillars were ready to go. We knew this was a unique solution to challenging problems faced by singers everywhere. My wife and I were sitting at the dinner table, trying to describe to each other what it would be like after going through the Three Pillars. After dozens of names that didn’t fit, suddenly this name popped into my head and I said it out loud. Instantly she said: “Yes!”

We both knew immediately this was the name of this process that turns suffering singers into confident performers. 

Q: When will you run this course again?

A: At this time there is no set date.

Q: Do you take beginners?

A: What do you mean by beginner? If you’ve never sung anywhere before, if you're not sure you can even sing, if you're not sure you can carry a tune, it’s not the course for you. 

Q: Can you really learn to sing through online courses?

A: It’s harder in some ways. Mainly because the student and teacher never see or hear each other in real time. SNS is designed to be very interactive so everyone can get feedback and coaching to improve their singing.

It’s easier in some ways because students get in-depth learning which is never done in a live lesson, because it takes too much time away from the student’s lesson time.

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