Pathway To Great Singing Is Singer's Impact

Because this course made a significant change in my voice. Even my band mates are saying that my voice is sounding more powerful. I myself can feel the improvements in my singing. This is one fabulous vocal course which brought such amazing improvements in my singing. Thanks a lot Chuck I must say, this vocal course has transformed my vocal abilities completely to a different level within two weeks of practice. I m extremely satisfied with this vocal course and would recommend the course. Yes trust me, it does wonders
Hemanto Goswami
3 and half years I was struggling to train my voice for singing on my entire range. Every time, when i tried to sing, my vocal cords collapsed in the middle of my range. I practiced different types of exercises, vowels, breath exercises. I tried vocal programs like singing success or rock the stage. They helped me for a little, BUT I could not remove those breaks. I accidentally discovered your videos. I found that my main problem is "flip-falsetto" and understand about this problem and solutions. Your exercises helped me remove breaks and now I can move forward to train my voice even more. I would like to thank you master. There are many singers on internet, but only few can call themselves vocal coach. And you sir! You are the best vocal coach, that I found on youtube! Because 3-4 your videos give me more than entire program from others. Greetings from Slovakia.
Michal Tomaska
Professional Singer/Songwriter

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