Singers Success Path

Stage 1: Discover Your Potential

In this stage you’ll get a greater understanding of your voice. You’ll see how your past singing experiences have shaped your current thoughts and feelings about your voice. Most importantly, you’ll discover your vocal type and start doing singing exercises tailored for your vocal type. You’ll begin to see your true potential as a singer as you’re experiencing new and exciting progress in your voice.

Your minimum achievement is:

You will better understand your voice and how to improve it. You will sing higher with greater ease, improved tone quality and strength. You’ll believe in new possibilities for your voice!

Stage 2: Conquer the Bridge

If you’re in this stage, you have a better understanding of your voice. You’ve discovered your vocal type and are starting to sing from low to high notes with a connected tone. You’re excited about the new possibilities for your voice. Now you’re ready to learn about the key to great singing, the vocal bridge. Understanding your vocal bridge will begin a transformation in your singing and your life.

Your minimum achievement is:

You will know where the first bridge is in your voice. You’ll be able to sing through the first bridge with a connected tone without breaking or cracking. You’ll discover your middle or mix voice.

Stage 3: Eliminate Vocal Weaknesses

You know all about the first vocal bridge and you’re beginning to sing with a connected tone from chest to head voice. Now it’s time to get more in-depth knowledge about your vocal type and add more specialize exercises to eliminate persistent bad singing habits.

Your minimum achievement is:

Your bridging will be easier. There will be less tension and more control as you sing higher. You’ll have more confidence singing for an audience.

Stage 4: Succeed with Fundamentals

If you’re in this stage, you’ve increased your knowledge of and ability to do the exercises for your vocal type. As a result, your connected tone from chest to head voice is getting easier. Now you’ll continue building more confidence by learning the fundamentals of proper breathing and vibrato.

Your minimum achievement is:

You have more consistent tone quality and a higher range with no breaks or cracks.

Diaphragmatic breathing has improved your pitch and breath control. You have developed and/or improved your vibrato.

Stage 5: Strengthen Your Technique

You’ve gained confidence with your breathing and vibrato, now it’s time to strengthen your technique. You’ll work on exercises to increase your range and strengthen every area of your voice. Your vocal freedom increases as the muscle tension decreases throughout your range. You begin to identify the feeling of the mix voice and do exercises to strengthen your mix. You learn to distinguish the difference in your voice between falsetto and head voice. You begin exercises to access your second and third bridges.

Your minimum achievement is:

You will sing with ease, consistency, and strength in chest, middle and head voice. You can feel the difference and sing with either disconnected falsetto or head voice. You sing with a mix voice in the bridges. Your range now includes the second and third bridges.

Stage 6: Master Challenging Songs

Wow! You’ve grown in confidence and skill. You’re able to maintain great technique without thinking about it. Now you begin singing more challenging songs and learn to sing any note, in any key and on any vowel. At this stage you’ll learn to modify vowels in words that splat so you don’t lose your good technique. More singing opportunities begin opening up to you!

Your minimum achievement is:

You sing higher with beauty, confidence and power from the bottom to the top of your range. You will be able to sing songs in the first bridge and in head voice and perform challenging songs confidently.

Stage 7: Build Your Power and Confidence

In this stage you’re performing successfully, regularly and confidently. You’re achieving your singing goals, dreams and aspirations; you’re seeking continuous improvement as a singer and performer. Now you add to your skills singing from loud to soft and soft to loud. You treat your craft like a high-performance athlete, always refining and improving your voice with regular vocal workouts and lessons. You maintain optimal physical and vocal conditioning.

Your minimum achievement is:

You can sing from loud to soft and soft to loud. Your demand as a singer and performer continues to grow. Your vocal skills are continually increasing. You face adversity with courage and confidence. You maintain high levels of singing all your life.

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