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Most of us make singing far more difficult than it needs to be.
You don’t have to:

  • Struggle with high notes. They don’t have to be scary. You can soar through them without the embarrassing crack, break, falsetto flip, or yelling that normally happens.
  • Wrestle with the same vocal issues that keep coming back and you don’t know why. The issues that have held you back for years, maybe even decades, can be conquered once and for all. 
  • Sing without vibrato. If someone’s told you vibrato can’t be learned, don’t listen to them. It can, and quite easily, if you know how.

Stop wasting money on courses that don’t work. Quit YouTube University. And stop buying into bad advice.

Becoming a great singer takes time.

But getting really good can happen a lot faster than you think. And you don’t have to do it alone.

How I went from a bombed solo to achieving my musical dreams

In my junior year at high school, I played the lead role in Camelot and knew I wanted to perform in musicals for the rest of my life.  

But, singing lessons taught me that I had two major flaws: I couldn’t sing past the E above middle C and I had no vibrato.

What was I supposed to do? My teacher told me some people have vibrato, some don’t, and I didn’t. She’d released her own album and had a master’s degree in vocal performance. Why wouldn’t I believe her?

As a music major in college, my voice didn’t improve, despite several singing lessons a week. To make matters worse, everyone around me had a strong voice and a beautiful vibrato!

After college, I went to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

While serving in California things took a turn for the worse.  I sang a solo for the Santa Barbara Ward Christmas program and completely bombed.

It was awful; off pitch and shaky the entire time.  I felt so discouraged I decided never to sing a solo again.

Singing in groups was fine, I could handle that. But I clearly wasn’t the type who could sing solos and play lead roles. That dream was over.

For the next 24 years, I didn’t sing a single solo.

I always held out hope for my voice even though I remained stuck with the same range and no vibrato.

In 1996, my daughter invited me to a workshop run by Seth Riggs, vocal coach to Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, and other superstar singers.

After only five months of Seth’s training, I finally sang higher than the E above Middle C — the note I’d been stuck at since my voice changed at puberty.

And... I found my vibrato!

It felt miraculous. Seth’s vibrato technique proved my old teacher wrong, and made me believe in my voice again.

Me with Seth Riggs, vocal coach to the stars. He helped me overcome my problems and later taught me how to teach others

In one class, I stood up in front of the audience and sang a solo for the first time in 24 years!

That experience gave me the confidence to start auditioning for musicals.

After one audition, a producer was so impressed with my voice he mouthed, “We need you!” as he walked by.

Since then, I’ve added more than an octave to my vocal range and performed for 1000s of people in over 40 musicals as the lead or supporting role.  

Seth Riggs and his instructors trained me to be a teacher from 2008-2016.

Now I want to teach you everything Seth taught me...and more.

Singers Impact — the simple path to singing success

Singers Impact is an exclusive and private membership that gives you:

My six video courses. These courses increase your range, improve your tone quality, and make your high notes clear, controlled, and consistent. They eliminate the crack, strain, and break in your voice and let you fly up and down your vocal register with ease.

A step-by-step, easy-to-follow pathway through the four stages of singing. This PDF is a clear roadmap to help you steadily improve from one skill to the next.

Personalized weekly coaching opportunities from me. I’ll be your singing teacher and give you the training you need to guide and accelerate your success.

Let’s look at each in more detail.

6 video training courses to improve your pitch, tone, and range

When you join Singers Impact you get instant access to my six most popular training courses.

These courses have changed the lives of 100s of amateurs and professionals alike. They help you unlock your full potential as a singer. You’ll improve your pitch, develop your tone, and add an octave or more to your range.

The courses are:

  • Singing Fundamentals All great singers master the basics and build from a solid foundation. This first course covers singing fundamentals, including breath control, vocal cords, falsetto, and vibrato, to set you up for success.
  • Sing Higher Than Ever Before This bridging course has helped 100s of my students add an octave or more to their range. Practice these exercises regularly and you’ll soon be singing notes you only dreamed of.
  • Bridging Kit Building on what you learned in the previous course, this short training helps you apply the bridging technique to tricky words in songs. I’ll show you how to spot them so you can bridge beautifully every time.
  • Master Your High Notes Understand what true release feels like in your voice. You’ll learn to sing without squeezing, grabbing, or reaching for the high notes. Your vocal cords will function freely and effortlessly, letting you experience power in your voice, without impacting the tone.
  • Make Your High Notes Impressive It’s impressive that you can sing high notes, but are your high notes impressive? There’s more to singing high notes than simply hitting them. This course refines and improves your voice to move you closer to your singing goals. You will develop greater skill and confidence singing high notes. You will learn to press or lean into your voice to get a stronger and fuller tone throughout your range, especially in your middle and head voice.
  • Conquer Vibrato I was once told there was nothing I could do about having no vibrato. Nonsense! This course reveals the simple way to release and master yours.  

That’s over 11 hours of training to unleash your singing voice and dramatically increase the speed of your development.

A roadmap through the four stages of singing

Becoming a great singer is a journey. And, like all journeys, it’s easier to get where you’re going if you have a map.

That’s why I’ve put together a PDF guide through the four stages of singing.

These are:

Singing Higher  -  The fundamentals and bridging 

Sing Better  -  Improve vibrato, range, and balance

Sing Songs  -  Applying techniques to songs and mixing with vowels

Singing Mastery  -  Refining and improving

This guide acts as a simple roadmap to help you progress easily from one skill to the next. You’ll never get too far ahead of yourself and you’ll always know what the next step is.

1:1 coaching & group mentoring

Say goodbye to learning on your own!

When you join Singers Impact, you not only get opportunities for 1:1 coaching with me, but you also light a fire under your learning by watching as I work with others in the community.

Here’s what you get each month:

  • Ear training sessions. You’ll receive a reaction video once a month where we break down the vocal techniques of famous singers. We’ll cover what they do right and what they could do better. This trains your ear to recognize good and bad technique, and to understand the difference. You can request songs you want me to react to.
  • Live student focus sessions. Every month you can send me a recording of you singing and get the opportunity to be coached on a live call. You’ll discover exactly what’s causing you trouble and leave with exercises to move you past the problem.
  • Live group hot seats.  I’ll work with you individually while other members watch the process. You’ll be safe within the support of the group and it’s a great way for members to watch and learn from each other. If you don’t feel confident singing in front of others at first, don’t worry. There’s no pressure. Take it at your own pace and wait until you feel ready.
  • A Live Q&A session. Ask your burning questions every month and have them answered by a teacher you trust.

You’ll know you’re singing the right way every time. No more googling endlessly, trying to get help with your voice.  No more buying courses that don’t work. And no more confusing, contradictory advice.

Your Singers Impact Membership

Singers Impact is by far the most powerful of my training.

Video courses, personalized coaching, and a community to learn from, speeds up your progress tenfold.

Inside you will learn hard-won techniques and exercises that I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars to discover and learn how to teach to others.  

If you bought the six training courses on their own it would set you back $1,800.

To have an in-person 1:1 lesson with me would cost you $150.00 per hour.

But when you join Singer’s Impact, you get the training, 1:1 coaching, and more at a fraction of the cost.

One Year Membership

A one time payment of




(works out at $22.00/mo)

The “Impact in 30 days or your money back” Guarantee

I don’t know a more effective way to rapidly release the true power of your voice than Singers Impact.

You’ll see an immediate improvement in the tone, pitch, and range of your voice from day one. If you stick at it, you won’t recognize yourself one year from now. You’ll listen back to old recordings and hardly believe it was you.

I’m 100% confident in the power of Singers Impact, and I want you to feel confident in your decision to join.

So, I’m going to make you a promise...

Within 30 days, if you don’t feel that Singer’s Impact is worth DOUBLE what you pay today, I’ll give you your money back — whether that’s one month’s membership or a year’s subscription.

Just email and you’ll have your money back within 48 hours.

Here’s what members say about Singers Impact

“I sing with a hit Doo Wop group actually nominated for the East Coast Hall of Fame this year. Chuck, you have been an inspiration to me for many a year. Thank you.”

Mike Miller of Harmony Street

“Your course is really awesome. I was struggling to sing this song before but now I can easily sing it as I know how to engage the correct tones. Especially when the song changes scale. This is an extraordinary achievement for me”

Aleem Mohamed

“I’m learning more about the voice from you than I have from anyone else.”

Angela Delaney

“The greatest teacher of all time.”

Masterkei’s Journey on YouTube

“Omg it worked. I’ve only been singing for like a week. Thank you. I was scared it would take years to learn.”


Questions Singers Impact
Members Had Before Joining

I’ve always been told I can’t sing. Is there any point in me joining Singers Impact?

So many people are told they can’t sing by family members, school teachers, and friends. But let me tell you, it’s NOT TRUE. If you can carry a tune you can learn to sing. And, what you learn inside Singer’s Impact will improve your voice fast. Those people who told you you can’t sing will be shocked when they hear you a few months from now!

I’m at retirement age, will I be the odd one out among young kids?

It’s actually great that you’re retirement age, it means you have the time to focus on your voice and you’ll see fast improvement if you practice regularly. The Singers Impact community has many people aged 60+. At the time of writing this, I’m 67, so you’re not alone!

Do I need to be able to read music to do any of the training?

No, you don’t need any musical ability to do the training. It’s designed to work for absolute beginners, as well as veteran professionals. Plus, the guide through the four stages of singing will make sure you never feel like things are moving too fast.

I’m a complete beginner and my voice doesn’t sound good. Will other members judge me?

Not at all! Singers Impact is an incredibly supportive community, full of beginners and professionals. We all have to start somewhere and this is the best place for quick and easy improvement in a safe environment. You’ll hear your voice improve almost immediately. I made Singers Impact because I wish it had existed when I was a beginner — I’d have saved so much time!

Buy now and get immediate access to:

  • Six video courses that improve your pitch, tone, and range — with more courses on the way!
  • A roadmap through the four stages of singing
  • Monthly classes, coaching, and Q&A with me
  • Access to a community of passionate singers

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