Ep.10: How to Sing High Notes Higher!

Do you know how to sing high notes higher and how to sing higher than you thought possible? You do this by controlling your vocal cords.  Inside this video I’ll show you how!


There was a time when I was barely an average singer. I had a lot of problems singing. Here’s something that’s made a big difference.  It’s about vocal cords.


How to Sing High Notes Higher

Did you know that you can control what your vocal cords do when you sing?  I’ll show you one way to control your vocal cords so you can sing the high notes to sing higher than you thought possible.


In a previous video, I showed the vocal cords singing the high notes. The vocal cords stretched and thinned as the singer sang higher. As she sang lower the vocal cords shortened and thickened.

Sing High Notes by controlling your vocal cords.

One reason we can’t sing higher without straining, reaching, cracking or breaking is the vocal cords are not thinning as we sing higher. Instead, they remain thick and heavy. If they stay that way and we try to sing higher, we pull the weight of the thicker vocal cords higher.


The result is a strained feeling in our throat. Often it will crack or break as we try and sing higher. It may sound yelled or strident and splatty. Or worse, your voice gets worn out, jammed up, and even damaged with vocal nodules.

He may not know how to sing high notes higher


How to Sing Higher than You Thought Possible

So how do you take control of your vocal cords so you can sing the high notes to sing higher than you thought possible?


Here’s one simple way to control your vocal cords. It will help your vocal cords stretch and thin. It will reduce the weight of the cords so you will know how to sing the high notes to sing higher than you thought possible. It will keep them from cracking or breaking.


Ready? Here it is. Ney


That’s it. Well there’s a little bit more to it than that…but not much. Say it with a little bratty sound like this: “Ney Ney Ney…kind of bratty”. (Vocal Demonstration)


One secret to this is not to do it too loud. Don’t over do the bratty sound. Don’t over tighten your throat or do it too hard, which creates tension. (Demonstrated too hard)


If I’ve made a mistake in the past as a student and a teacher of singing, it’s that I’ve done the “Ney” too hard. It’s better if you can do it brattier rather than louder. Brattier helps keep the vocal cords connected.


Sing the High Notes by Controlling the Vocal Cords

Here’s 4 ways of using the bratty “”Ney”” that will help you sing the high notes so you  can sing higher than you ever dreamed.


  1. Ney with the 5 tone scale. (Vocal Demonstration) Pretty simple right?
  2. Ney with the Octave Repeat (Vocal Demonstration)
  3. Ney with the 1 ½ scale. Three simple scales with that little bratty “Ney” will create miracles in your voice! (Vocal Demonstration)  Here’s a fourth way to use bratty “Ney”
  4. In a song with high notes you struggle to sing, Substitute the word Ney in place of the words. For example, suppose I wanted to sing “Hey Jude”. Instead of singing the words, I could use the “Ney” to help me thin the vocal cords. That creates a new feeling. With a little practice I can put the words back into the song, with a similar feeling the “Ney” gave me. (Vocal Demonstrations)


Now let’s say that I couldn’t do that. Let’s say I was doing it wrong, (Vocal Demonstration), and it was breaking or cracking or going into falsetto or too much strain and stress. Try it like this, substituting the words with bratty “Ney”.


In other words, use the “Ney” in place of the words and do it a little bit bratty and not too loud. (Vocal Demonstration) Just loud, just bratty enough that it maintains the connection of the vocal cords.


You can use that word substitution in any song that’s giving you trouble. (Vocal Demonstration)


This “Ney” exercise helps you control your vocal cords. They’ll thin and stretch without breaking into falsetto. Then you’ll be able to sing the high notes and sing higher than you thought possible.


Just for example, this little demonstration I gave you, I could have never done that!


Have you struggled hitting high notes? Your struggles are over. I’ve prepared a free MP3 download with this simple “Ney” vocal exercise I’ve just shown you.


mp3Free mp3 Download


When you download this MP3, you’ll get:

  •    Piano accompaniment less than 3 minutes long
  •    3 simple scales to sing the “Ney” vocal workout anytime, anywhere
  •    Ability to control your vocal cords to sing the high notes

Clink the link below and download your free mp3 now.




I’m Chuck Gilmore. You can sing higher with beauty, confidence and power.


I’ll see you inside the next video.


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