Follow the Vibrato Success Plan to Learn to Sing with Vibrato

Follow the Vibrato Success Plan to Learn to Sing with Vibrato.  It’s so exciting when you start developing vibrato!  Especially if you’re like me and weren’t born with vibrato. For 43 years I sang with a straight tone with no hint of vibrato. When I was in the 10th grade, my first voice teacher told me that if wasn’t born with it I didn’t have it.  

Well, she was wrong! It’s not only possible to develop vibrato, it can sound so natural that it sounds like you’ve always had it. Inside this video, I’ll show you a simple plan to succeed with vibrato.


In this third installment of my 4-video series on vibrato, you’ll get a step by step success plan to show you a simple pathway to singing with vibrato.


First, I want to thank you for sharing your excitement about getting vibrato started in your voice.


  1. Acoustic said:

You are a vibrato production tutorial to learn vibrato. Thanks!


approachmylevel said:

Wow! Thank you for actually breaking this down and showing us how to get vibrato! You are amazing and have changed my life!


Thanks! I can relate! I felt the same way when I first learned vibrato. It was life changing for me too!


Here’s a simple 3-step Vibrato Success Plan anyone can follow.


Step 1: Get Vibrato


As you learned by doing the exercise in video # 2 (if you missed it, you can watch it here) it’s possible to induce vibrato in your voice.


Listen to this short audio clip of me helping one of my students get vibrato in his voice. This is Jonathan Sanders and he’s given me permission to share our Skype Voice lesson with you. This is Jonathan’s first lesson where we work on vibrato.

[Watch Video]


Step 2: Improve Vibrato


Once you have the beginnings of vibrato, the next step is to get it consistent.  There are many exercises you can do to help you begin sustaining vibrato. As you do these exercises your vocal cords start developing muscle memory. Soon they start doing it naturally without you having to induce it.


Here’s one you can try your yourself. Listen to this vibrato get faster by doing this exercise. This is one of many exercises that refine and improve your new vibrato which is part of Step 2.


[Demo 5 Tone ascending scale on gee, quietly, sustaining the top note with vibrato.] Practice this until you can sustain it for 3 seconds.


Step 3: Practice and Sing With Vibrato


In this third step you practice exercises in different areas of your voice. This includes the lower notes in chest voice, middle notes in the first bridge of your voice, and in your head voice. Practicing in these ranges will train your vibrato to be consistent no matter what notes you are singing.


[Demo Oct repeat/sustain on a “she”  in chest, middle and head]


As your vocal cords start sustaining vibrato you begin practicing your vibrato in songs. Watch as I demonstrate a very effective way to practice vibrato in a melody.


[singing hey Jude with vibrato on every pitch] You only do this in practice. However, it prepares you apply your vibrato to songs. Ladies you can try this on the same melody by starting on the F4.


What if you don’t like vibrato? Often times we don’t like it because we’ve heard singers sing with a wobble, or a tremolo. A wobble is vibrato that’s too slow .[demo]  A tremolo is vibrato that’s too fast. [demo] The ideal number of oscillations is about 6-8 per second. [demo]


As you work in Step 2, Improve Vibrato, you do exercises to develop a vibrato that’s just right. [demo]


As a singer, if you can’t do vibrato or your vibrato’s too slow or fast, you are limited. There are things you lack in your voice. If you have vibrato, you can choose to use it or not. As a result you have more control and command of your voice and your singing.


Vibrato is expected by your audience…even if it’s on a subconscious level. If you can’t do it where it’s needed in the song, the listener feels like something is missing. You want to always be able to choose or not choose vibrato. Otherwise you’re limited as a singer and artist.


Vibrato is healthy for your voice. It requires a balance of air and vocal cord muscle that not only improves the tone quality of your voice, but helps remove the vocal strain of a hard, straight tone. Even if you only use vibrato in vocal exercises, to not be able to exercise with vibrato limits you.


In contrast, knowing you have access to vibrato when ever you want to use it, gives you tremendous confidence.


If this seems too hard, it’s not. I was completely void of vibrato and immediately began to experience vibrato in my voice. By following these steps I was able to develop the confidence I needed to start auditioning for musical theater roles.


By following these 3 simple steps, Get, Improve and Practice and Sing with Vibrato, I improved the quality of my voice which gave me the confidence to audition and win roles in 40+ shows and get lead singing roles in a majority of the musicals.


So that’s why my life changed so much and my stage experience has been a tremendous joy to me.


This 3-Step Vibrato Success Plan will help you accomplish the goals for your voice.


It doesn’t happen over night…well you start getting the feeling quickly, but like riding a bicycle, it takes some time to get your “vocal balance” so to speak. The vibrato definitely comes and it’s exciting!


I’ve simplified all this into a very powerful singing course called Conquer Vibrato. What makes this course so special is it was designed with feedback received from nearly 200 suggestions from you. These suggestions have helped me create an exciting and powerful course that delivers the results you expect.


In video number 4, which will be released Friday, February 1, 2019, I’ll share much more about the course, Conquer Vibrato and how it’ll help you get and sing with vibrato like you were born with it.


Please be aware that the course, Conquer Vibrato, will be offered at a special price that will not be available again after it’s first release. So you won’t want to miss this.


Does a 3-step success plan to get vibrato feel helpful and give you hope?  Please let me know in the comment section below. I want to hear about your progress and your goals for vibrato.


I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power to Sing. You can sing higher, with beauty, confidence and power…and vibrato.


Please join me in the 4th and final video of this series, on Friday, February 1, 2019. I’ll share with you the Vibrato Success Plan available in the course “Conquer Vibrato”.

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