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  • Introduction – Annick

    Posted by Annick on August 20, 2018 at 9:11 pm

    Hello again,

    A new introduction as promised to Chuck Guilmore this week. I will try to keep it short this time, in case… Born in Paris, I lived in London for 30yrs, now back in France 2 years ago following a big health scare, that changed my life. I am of African origin. I am 57yrs young. The age I decided to assume my passion, to become a professional singer. And I live now in the South of France.

    Prior to being here, I worked in the Luxury Industry, then, as an self-employed created my own Fashion brand. However, I always had singing and songwriting as my necessary hobby, while working the superficial world I was in. I cannot read music, but I have a very good ear. I used to write songs, hire a studio with musicians, play a recording with my melody and lyrics, and we would start from there.

    I must say that going through the life events that followed my illness, made me realise that we live once, and I had better make the best of it. Singing is like a spiritual experience to me. It vibrates with me to a point that I cannot describe. Makes me happy, and feel “full”. Issue is that I get so carried away, that I sometime hurt myself.

    I have just created a Soul band 3 months ago, with great musicians. We are already being approached to play gigs, while still putting together a repertoire.
    I have also put together a Jazz duet with my guitarist, for restaurants and small venues…so now, I’d better make sure I can show up!

    I went through a few YouTube tutors for the past months, to learn all about singing; the technique, and the anatomy etc..but Chuck Guilmore’s videos and warm up is the one, I would always get back to every single morning to wake up my voice. So when the opportunity to join his course came up, I did not hesitate. Furthermore, the passion for his Art is so palpable when transferring his knowledge. The initial affordable price tag confirms the above. No catch, just pure contagious enthusiasm. The feeling is, he wants his students to succeed, with a smile… Oops!! I wrote a journal…

    Thank you Chuck for your generosity, and being part of my new life.
    All the best to All the students who joined this course.

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