Mixed Voice Definition – NEW STUDENT DEMONSTRATES 2 Mix Exercises – Part 1

In this video you’ll watch an excerpt of a first lesson with a new student. He’ll do two mix exercises for the first time. Then YOU’LL do the same exercises to feel, hear, and experience mixed voice so you can intimately understand, in your own voice, the Mixed Voice Definition.


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Mixed Voice Definition

Your mixed singing voice is your low voice (chest voice) [demo] blended with your high voice (head voice) [demo].


Exercise 1

Feel what happens right now when you sing from low to high. Men first, then women. Sing with your whole voice…not just part of it, but just medium loud.


Watch 18-year old Noah demonstrate. He’s leaving for college soon to major in piano performance. This is our first lesson together and he gave me permission to share this with you.


Now it’s your turn.


Men: [demo singing up the scale on “ah”, from chest to head voice, G3-G4] Men, match my pitch. Don’t sing an octave lower. Ready, begin.


Women: [demo singing up the scale on “ah”, from chest to head voice, C#4-C#5]  Ready, begin.


Please tell me in the comments below what your voice felt like as you sang higher and higher. Choose one or more and put it in the comments section.


Did it feel like you were:

  • Straining?
  • Reaching upward with your chin?
  • Squeezing your neck?
  • Did your voice crack or break?
  • Did you have to sing louder and louder to reach the note?
  • Did it suddenly break into falsetto?
  • Did you just stop because you couldn’t sing any higher?
  • Did you do it with a breathy, light voice, so you could keep going higher?


Perhaps none of the above happened and you’re already mixing. You sang easily from bottom to top in one connected tone like this. [Demo] Let me know in the comments below. Just say, “I mixed”.


Exercise 2

Now repeat the above scale. This time, as you sing higher, on the 5th note, change the word from “ah” to “oo”.


Instead of singing “ah” like “Bach” all the way to the top,  on the 4th or 5th note sing “oo” as in “Book”. Keep singing “oo” all the way to the top. Don’t let it spread to “ah”. [Demo] Be very strict and stay on “oo”.

Watch Noah again.

What does it feel like to you? Repeat it correctly several times. Can you describe it?


Here’s how I describe it:


I feel a connected tone from the lowest to highest note. When I change from “ah” to “oo”, I feel it relieve the pressure that seemed to be building up in my throat…but it’s not breaking or cracking or going breathy. It’s a smooth and continuous tone.


There’s no straining, or reaching. I can feel the vibrations moving from my chest and below my mouth up further into my head. It feels like it’s mostly above the roof of my mouth and vibrating more in my head.


On the way up, there seems to be vibrations moving higher from my chest toward my head. I can feel the vibration in both my chest and head (although it’s harder to feel in my head).


On the very highest notes, I don’t feel chest vibrations anymore.


What about you? Can you describe this feeling? Please tell me in the comments below what it feels like to you.


There’s no better way for you to understand the Mixed Voice Definition than by experiencing it. However, this is only the beginning. You have just begun to experience the beginning of mixed voice.


Next week in Part 2, you and Noah will do two more exercises to strengthen your mix and get it more consistent. You’ll want to see what happens to Noah’s mix with these next two exercises.


Meanwhile to get a stronger mix so you can sing with a mixed voice that sounds powerful like your chest voice download the PDF entitled: Get Your Vocal Type.


Download it here, or in the description below this Youtube video.


This week to build your mixed voice, follow the links in this PDF. These links are steps to build your mixed voice.


Step One: Discover your vocal type by taking the vocal test (which I call the PowerTest)

Step Two: Watch the videos about your vocal type.

Step Three: Download the exercises for your vocal type. They’re designed to get you singing in your mixed voice.

Step Four:Practice the exercises for your vocal type. They’ll cause you to sing and build your mixed voice. 




Also, to join a community of singers just like you, I invite you to join my Facebook page, Power To Sing, where I share up to date singing advice to help you succeed with your voice.

In addition, be sure to join me on Twitter and Instagram @powertosing.


I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power to Sing. You can sing higher with beauty, confidence and power.


Join me next week and Watch Part 2 as Noah experiences for the first time two more mix exercises. You’ll do them too so you can feel, understand, and sing with mixed voice. See you next week!

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  1. Great. Next week’s video will give you a chance to experience even more of the mixed voice.

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