Mixed Voice Definition – PART 2 – NOAH Tries 2 More Mix Exercises – Can YOU Do This

In this video you’ll watch more excerpts of my first lesson with Noah. He’ll do two more mix exercises for the first time. Then YOU”LL do the same exercises to feel, hear and experience mixed voice yourself so you can personalize the Mixed Voice Definition.


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Mixed Voice Definition


Last week you learned about your mixed singing voice which is your low voice (chest voice) [demo] blended with your high voice (head voice) [demo].


You watched Noah sing two exercises and then you sang them. These exercises helped you begin to experience mixed voice.


As you sang higher:


It remained a connected tone. It did not disconnect into falsetto.

There was no reaching, squeezing or straining.

You didn’t have to sing breathy to sing higher.


This was the beginning of you feeling mixed voice and understanding the mixed voice definition.


If you feel like you weren’t doing it right, watch last weeks video. This time reduce the loudness by half. Try it softer and see what happens. I’ll put last weeks video on the end screen.


Here are two more exercises to feel, experience, and build YOUR mixed singing voice.


Exercise 1

This exercise sounds like this: [Demo “new…no” Oct Repeat]


Watch Noah try this exercise for the first time.


Men sing “new…no” on F4 like this. [Demo on Oct Repeat] Not like this. [Demo pulling both] nor like this. [Demo pulling “no”]. Ready men, begin.


Ladies sing “new…no” on B4 like this.  [Demo on Oct Repeat] Follow the same direction as I gave the men. Ready ladies, begin.



Exercise 2

Now repeat the exercise above, but sustain the “new…no” like this. [Demo “new…no” sustained]


Watch Noah try this.


If you do it exactly as demonstrated, as you sing from “new” to “no” you sing the “no” in same smaller “place” or with the same exact feeling as the “new”. Be careful that the “no” follows into the same feeling that the “new” established.


You’ll be more successful if you keep “ooo” lips as you sing “no”. Just think “no” so you can keep it feeling exactly like “new” felt.


Men sing “new…no” on F4 like this. [Demo on Sustain] Not like this. [Demo pulling both] nor like this. [Demo pulling “no”]. Ready men, begin.


Ladies sing “new…no” on B4 like this.  [Demo on Sustain] Follow the same directions I gave the men. Ready ladies, begin.


What does it feel like to sing “no” in that smaller place the “new” established? Can you describe it?


For me if feels like I’m staying in the same place, the same groove or channel as the “new”. It feels easy. It feels easier and sounds lighter to me than pulling up chest like this. [demo]


What about you? Can you describe this feeling you get on the word, “no” when done as I’ve demonstrated. This is the feeling of mixed voice. [demo] Please tell me in the comments below what it feels like to you.


There’s no better way for you to understand the Mixed Voice Definition than by experiencing it. However,


You’ve just begun to experience the beginning of mixed voice. It’s not strong or powerful yet. That takes more time and training.


How do you develop a stronger mix and get to the point where you can sing with a mixed voice that sounds powerful like your chest voice?


Download the PDF entitled: Get Your Vocal Type. Download it here, or in the description below this Youtube video.


To build your mixed voice, follow the links in this PDF. These links are steps to build your mixed voice.


First: Discover your vocal type by taking the vocal test (which I call the PowerTest)

Second: Watch the videos about your vocal type.

Third: Download the exercises for your vocal type. They’re designed to get you singing in your mixed voice.

Fourth: Practice the exercises for your vocal type. They’ll cause you to build and strengthen your mixed voice.




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I’ll see you inside the next video

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