Expand Vocal Range Upwards – Three Exercises Guaranteed to Work!

Expand vocal range upwards is the number one desire of every singer. Today I’ll give you three exercises guaranteed to expand your vocal range upwards so you can impress your audience with amazing high notes. Watch!


Hi, I’m Chuck Gilmore, International vocal coach and founder of Power to Sing.


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Here are three vocal exercises guaranteed to expand your vocal range. These are proven exercises that increased my range over an octave and has done the same for 1000’s of other singers.


Exercise 1 – Bubble Lips with a 1 ½ Scale


This was the exercise I experienced first where I immediately felt my upper range increase without straining or breaking into falsetto.


Men start on the B2. Ladies you’ll start on the F#3.  It sounds like this. [Demo]


While you say “uh”, you prop your cheeks up like this and blow air through your lips as they bubble. [demo]


This works because the larynx stays down as the vibrations travel from chest into head voice. Because the larynx is staying down, the tone is more likely going to stay connected. Don’t let the tone disconnect like this. [demo] If it does, bend over half way like this. [demo]


First the guys, then the ladies. [demo] Men, ready, begin.


Ladies, ready, begin.


If you can’t do the Bubble Lips, try the tongue trill instead. [demo] Another option is to sing “goo” like this.  Be sure to let the “goo” go hooty as you sing higher. [demo]


Exercise 2 – Funny Ney with an Octave Repeat Scale


This exercise sounds like this. [demo] Add a funny sound to the Ney like this. It is sometimes described as a puppet voice or a witchy voice.


First the guys, then the ladies. [demo] Men, ready, begin.


Ladies, [demo] ready, begin.


Exercise 3 – Gee with a Cry with an Octave Repeat Scale


This exercise sounds like this. [demo] Don’t overdue the cry. Do it medium volume on the same scale and notes as above.


Men start on the E4. Ladies you’ll start on the A4.  It sounds like this. [Demo]


First the guys, then the ladies. [demo] Men, ready, begin.


Ladies, ready, begin.


The cry helps keep the larynx down and the vocal cords together. This exercise was what helped me first get into head voice without straining with a connected tone. Make sure you don’t let the tone break into falsetto. This happens if you lose the “cry”. [demo]


Let the “gee” go hooty or hollow sounding as you sing higher on the scale like this. [demo]


Which of these exercises worked best for you? Tell me in the comments section below. Don’t worry if you struggled with any of these. Practice them as demonstrated. You will be surprised how your range will increase.


Here are more exercises to increase your range. You can get them inside this PFD entitled, “Get Your Vocal Type”.  Get the PDF here, or in the description below this Youtube video.


Your vocal type describes what you tend to do as you sing from your low notes to your high notes. Take the vocal test called the Power Test. Then take the quiz and discover your vocal type. Watch the videos about your vocal type and download the exercises for your unique vocal type.


These exercises will help you sing higher without straining, breaking, falsetto or breathiness.


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I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power To Sing. You can sing higher with beauty, confidence, and power.

I’ll see you inside the next video.









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Chuck Gilmore

Chuck Gilmore

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