Goodbye Old Girl

Goodbye Old Girl

I’m auditioning for 1776 today and hoping to be cast as a lead. Here’s the whole song, Goodbye Old Girl, from Damn Yankees.


In the movie version  of Goodbye Old Girl, Joe sings the song in the Key of A Major and then there’s a key change to Bb Major for the finale of the song. I think the transformed younger Joe sings this part of the song. That makes the high note the F4…which is right in the middle of the first bridge…more challenging and so much more fun!

FYI, I could only find this song written without the key change. I found and purchased the music. But the great thing about this site, they allowed two downloads with any transposition of the music I wanted. So with one purchase I could download the music is both keys. That way I could sing the F in the finale.


Goodbye Old Girl

Years ago I played John Dickinson (on the right).

Hoping for a call back and solo opportunity again.





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  1. Beautiful song and great job!…………………Good luck and I hope you get the part.

  2. Chuck,

    You are an inspiration. What a beautiful delivery of Goodbye Old Girl. Thank you for sharing.

    Have I great audition today. I pray you will get the role and that it will be one of your most fulfilling experiences.


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