Ep.84: Bring Him Home – Cover – Les Miserables

In this Episode I wanted to sing. Since we’ve been talking about singing higher, here’s a song that puts us guys in the first bridge and into head voice. I couldn’t sing these higher notes until I learned to do what I’m teaching you now.

It’s been a while since I’ve recorded a song. Bring Him Home was suggested to me and I love this song. So here it is.


Bring Him Home is one of my favorite songs from the musical

To my memory, Les Miserables is the only book I’ve read where I burst into tears at the end. I was completely surprised by my reaction. I really cried. I read the book years before the play and movie came out out. I’ve loved it since I first read it.


Bring Him Home – Emotion and Feeling

When we sing, it’s easy to be negative and critical of ourselves, our voices, and our performances. Here’s a quote I’ve used before that I want to reemphasize about our singing. The quote is about singing in the context of auditions, but Michael Shurtleff is talking about what is important to audiences.


Singing the Song:

“The most important element in singing at auditions is not the forming of sound but the creation of a relationship…Most singers don’t which is why they are dull and lifeless, concerned as they are with making notes and pear-shaped vowel sounds. Audiences are concerned far less with the quality of voices than with the emotional life that is being created.  The great singers of popular music are not those with the greatest voices but those who know how to communicate feeling….(Audition;  Michael Shurtleff, Bantam Books, 1980, pp.205-206)


I’m taking some medications for acid reflux. My cords are not in their best condition. I’m in rehearsal for a show and I tend to over do the character’s voice occasionally…which I’m trying to correct. That’s put some added stress on my voice. But how often do we have a perfect voice day?


However, I can still put feeling and emotion into this song, Bring Him Home. For me this song is easy to experience feelings and emotions.


Vocal Type and the PowerTest

If you haven’t taken the PowerTest yet be sure to go PowerToSing.com and take the test and quiz and get your vocal type. Watch all the videos in the Knowledge Center about your vocal type and then download the exercises and start working on your voice!


Remember it’s true for all of us: You can sing higher, with beauty, confidence and power!


Thanks to all my subscribers for your continual support and comments. I’ll see you inside the next video.

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