How To Sing Falsetto Without Cracking – 1 Great Exercise for Men and Women

Knowing how to sing falsetto without cracking will save you from every singer’s worst nightmare… cracking when everyone’s listening to your impressive, big finish high note.


Inside this video, I’ll explain how to sing falsetto without cracking so this nightmare is only in your dreams!


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If your voice cracks when you’re singing high notes in falsetto, you are not in falsetto, you are in head voice. Falsetto is already a disconnected tone. You can’t break or crack into falsetto if you are already in falsetto.


If you’re in falsetto, your tone is light and breathy and you’re missing some lower overtones in your voice.  When you sing from falsetto down into your chest voice, it won’t blend into your chest voice. Instead you have to reconnect the tone before you can sing in chest voice. [Demo]


Overall, unless you’re using falsetto for occasional stylistic choices in your songs, falsetto tends to limit your choices you can make when you sing.


The correct question is: How to sing in your head voice without cracking? This is the correct question because this is the only time you can crack or break on the high notes.


Have you ever had your voice crack or break when you were singing high notes? Let me know in the comment section below this YouTube video.


Why do we crack or break on high notes when singing in head voice?


We pull the chest voice too high. This means we are pulling the bottom voice higher and higher instead of allowing the head voice to mix with chest voice.


Pulled Chest occurs when we:


  • Over sing or sing too loud [Demo]
  • Spread the vowel too wide [Demo]
  • Raise the larynx higher and higher [Demo]
  • Reach and strain for the high note [Demo]


When we do any of these things on high pitches, in or above the bridge of the voice, either we crack or break into falsetto or sing with a strained voice and a flat pitch.


If you tend to do this, it’s likely your vocal type is pulled chest – high larynx.  Your vocal type is not whether you’re soprano, alto, tenor or bass. Your vocal type describes how you transition from chest to head voice. Even though you crack or break into falsetto, the CAUSE of this is the pulled chest voice with a high larynx.  [Demo]


To help you stop doing this, I’ve prepared exercises that will teach you how to bridge and mix your chest voice with your head voice.  Follow these steps:


First the PDF, “Get Your Vocal Type”, has expired. Instead click this link:


Second, take the test and verify your vocal type. Then click this link and watch the videos about your vocal type. These videos have several free exercises for your vocal type. The exercises for pulled chest – high larynx help you stop pulling your chest voice and raising your larynx. They’ll help you start mixing your chest and head voice.


Third, practice the exercises to eliminate the crack and break. Do these exercises as demonstrated and they’ll help you see rapid results with your voice.


Here’s one of my favorite exercises to eliminate the crack and breaks so you can sing in head voice confidently. First get the larynx down with this dopy sound. Duh. Not a regular Dun, but an exaggerated dopy Duh. Place your hand on your Adams Apple when you say Duh. Can you feel it drop lower? Tell me in the comments if you can feel it drop.


With that dopy sound say Gee. Now sing it in an octave repeat scale with the dopy Gee. It sounds like this. [Demo] Be sure to allow the tone to go hootie or hollow as you sing higher. The hootie tone sounds like this. [Demo]


Men, try it. Then the ladies. Ready guys, begin. Now the ladies. Ready, begin.


Be sure to check out the video: How To Sing High Notes For Guys Without Falsetto – 3 Exercises for Guys AND Girls. You’ll see it on the end screen at the end of this video.


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