Power To Sing Live Broadcast #1 – An Important Announcement!


Power To Sing Live Broadcast

Today’s video is a Power to Sing Live Broadcast on Youtube. This is the very first! Yes you are witness to a new beginning.

Since early in 2016 I’ve posted blog videos on Tuesday and Friday.

Effective today I will be posting videos only on Friday.

Tuesdays I will be broadcasting live on YouTube and will place them here after the broadcast.

The broadcast can be viewed live weekly on Tuesdays at 1pm Mountain Time.  I’ll also be broadcasting occasionally throughout the week. These may be broadcast directly to Power To Sing’s Facebook public and private group as well as Youtube.

Here’s what I hope you will get from these live broadcasts:

  • Entertainment
  • Educational: Help my students, listeners, subscribers sing higher with beauty, confidence and power
  • Build relationships with live audiences throughout the world
  • Build a Stronger connection between us
  • Q&A: Answer questions from my listeners live with demonstrations.
  • Live Guest Interviews
  • Special Information and Announcements

I know there’s much more these broadcasts will become and I’m very excited about getting to know you better.

Enjoy the replay of this broadcast.  Please feel free to make comments and suggestions.

I Love you all.

Power To Sing Live Broadcast It's perilous like live theater!

PS: Listen to the video about the perils of live theater and broadcasts!



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Chuck Gilmore

Chuck Gilmore

If you want to do more with your singing voice it is possible. This is the first and most important message. It is possible to achieve your dreams to sing better, to sing higher, and to add beauty, confidence and power to your voice!

I know this because I’ve experienced a real change in my voice. I am reaching my dreams to sing and perform. You can find happiness and fulfillment with your singing too!!


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