Build Mix Singing Voice – Raise the Key (Pitch) of the Song

One of the hardest things about learning a new singing technique is breaking old habits. We make great progress in the voice lesson but when try and apply it to singing songs, we quickly revert to old habits.  We tighten up as if we’ve never had a voice lesson. Inside this video, I’ll show you how, by raising the key (pitch) of the song, you can build mix singing voice faster.




It’s very challenging to overcome our old habits of singing. We’re learning new concepts and feeling vocal sensations we’ve never experienced before. At first we may even be skeptical of the new vocal coordination and subconsciously resist it.


Often you decide you don’t like this mixed voice sound. It’s not as powerful or strong as you want it to be…so you sing harder and louder…like you used to, or like your favorite singer.


You want to take a voice lesson, get your voice working like you want, and use that great new voice tonight in your performance.


But when you sing your favorite song your old habits kick in. Your voice seizes up with tension and it seems as if you’ve never had a voice lesson in your life.


If you were able to sing in a great mix voice in the lesson, it’s impossible to do it now…when you want it! The force of habit returns.


Build Mix Singing Voice – Raise the Key (Pitch) of the Song

One way to disrupt our old habits is to raise the key (pitch) of the song. This helps you build mix singing voice.


Raise the key enough so the highest notes are in or above the bridge of your voice. For example, if the high notes for your song, men, are on Middle C, D and E, raise the key so these notes are now E, F and G.


Women do the same. If your high notes are Ab4, B and C#5, raise the key so these notes are now, C#5, D and E5.


The principle is, raise the key enough so your high notes are in and/or above your bridge or break area of your voice.


Why does this work?


  1. A new higher key changes the song and disrupts the old habits. You can’t sing it like you’ve always sung it.

  2. With notes in and above your first bridge, your mix voice is easier to find and maintain. With the addition of head voice, chest voice is not being pulled up. So there’s no tension or reach in the voice.

  3. By eliminating tension from the external neck muscles, the internal muscles of the vocal cords will build their own strength and coordination. This is what develops real power in your voice. Practicing and singing this way will significantly build chest, mix and head voice.


Here’s an example of raising the key. Since the making of this video falls on Friday before Easter, I’ll use the song, “I Need Thee Every Hour”, from the Hymnal of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, of which I am a member.

Build Mix Singing Voice - Raise the Key (Pitch) of the Song

The men’s choir arrangement puts the melody high note on D above Middle C. I’ll sing it without a mix voice and then with a mix. [DEMO] When just learning, singing the D in mix is very hard.


Now I‘ll raise the key a major third so that D4 is now a F#4. Now, instead of singing a note at the top of my chest voice, it’s on the last note of my bridge. It’s very hard to sing this using old habits and doing it in chest. [Demo] Now mix. [Demo]


If I raise the key one more ½ step, it’s on the G4, which is through my bridge and into my head voice. [DEMO]


This is counterintuitive. You think it’s going to be harder. Yes it is harder to pull chest that high, but it’s easier to sing mix and head voice.


Raising the key disrupts your old habits and causes you to experience new sensations without tension or reach. This builds mix singing voice.


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I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power To Sing. You can sing higher with beauty, confidence and power.


I’ll see you inside the next video.


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Chuck Gilmore

Chuck Gilmore

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