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Natural Vibrato Vs Learn Vibrato Singing – Learned Sounds Better!

Natural Vibrato Vs Learn Vibrato Singing. Have you ever been told that if you weren’t born with vibrato you don’t have it? Or that it’s wrong to fake vibrato or artificially make it in your voice? I believed that for almost 30 years…until this happened!


Hi, I’m Chuck Gilmore, Founder of Power To Sing and the Second Nature Singing System. And yes I have Covid…Omicron, I think. It’s like a cold…so… sorry I’m all stuffed up. I’ve had two shots and a booster, but I caught it from my wife. We’re both quarenteening and doing fine.

I could tell you that a learned vibrato sounds better than a natural vibrato, but I want you to be the judge of this yourself.


Typical vibrato has a vibration cycle of 6-8 per second. It sounds like this.


If it is faster than that, it sounds like this: That is known as a tremolo.


If it’s slower than 6 cycles per second it sounds like this:  That’s known as a wobble.


Singers all over the world with natural vibrato have developed tremolos or wobbles. Have you heard something like those before? Let me know in the comments section below.


There are 100’s or likely 1000’s of singers with natural vibrato they were born with, that sound like that or worse.


It’s easy to tell, is it not, that the natural vibrato with a tremolo or wobble doesn’t sound as good as the vibrato I demonstrated? You might not have noticed that my vibrato was so natural sounding, you didn’t even ask yourself if it was natural or not. My vibrato was so natural, comfortable and pleasing, you didn’t think of it.


I’m wondering if it even entered your mind that my vibrato was anything but natural.


When I was 15 years old, my singing teacher told me that if I wasn’t born with vibrato I didn’t have it. She was an excellent singer, recorded an album, had a Masters in Voice, and I didn’t know anything about singing technique, so I believed her.


I had three other teachers that never said otherwise, so I sang for 43 years with a straight, non-vibrato tone. And the whole time I just accepted that I was not genetically blessed with vibrato in my voice.


Fortunately, I attended a vocal workshop by Seth Riggs, Michael Jackson’s personal vocal coach, and from Seth and his associate teachers, I learned my early teacher was absolutely wrong.


I could develop vibrato in my voice.


I learned vibrato, starting with no hint of vibrato, to vibrato in many instances better than natural vibrato you hear even in the ranks of professional singers throughout the world.


Can you imagine what it would be like to get vibrato in your voice!


That’s why this is a vital part of Pillar 1 in the Second Nature Singing System.


Vibrato’s in Pillar 1 because it makes your tone fuller and more complete, it improves your pitch, it enhances your professionalism and the audiences expect it and miss it if it’s not there.


And maybe more importantly, it’s a healthy coordination for the vocal cords themselves because it relieves the taunt, and tight, straight edge of the cords.


In other words, it’s a tension reliever, a muscle relaxer and it contributes to the health and longevity of your voice.


For this reason, I say learn vibrato sounds better than a natural one. I’m not saying that all natural vibratos are sung with a tremolo or a wobble. Nor that all learned vibratos are free of those same problems.


But, there’s no reason that a vibrato that is developed with special exercises, can’t sound as good or better than all other vibratos anywhere.


This means that you who weren’t born with a natural ability to sing with vibrato, can 100% develop the ability to sound as good as or better than the best natural vibrato anyone’s ever heard.


Here are some free videos to help you. First, please hit “thumbs up”, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when I post the next video.


Here are two videos to help you learn vibrato in your singing voice. The first is “Singing Vibrato Exercise – One Exercise to Get or Improve Vibrato” and the second is: “5 Ways to Sing with Vibrato


Really successful singers know they need to sing with vibrato. Because vibrato is vital to your singing, I’ve taken the vibrato training inside Pillar 1 of Second Nature Singing and made it available as a stand-alone course, “Conquer Vibrato”.


Here’s the link to Conquer Vibrato. 


It doesn’t matter to me if you just want to work on the free 5-6 learn vibrato exercises or whether you’re at the point where you refuse to sing any longer without vibrato and get the course.


Either way, if you do nothing, where will your voice be in 3, 6 or 12 months? The answer isn’t that your voice will be in the same place. You will also have lost out on singing growth and opportunities, waiting for the right time.


Be sure to join me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @PowerToSing.


I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power To Sing. For you, vibrato can be second nature.

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